Been craving ice cream 🍦🍨 for the longest time! I love mum so much she bought me a tub of cookies and cream, my favourite 😋

Yum yum yummy! 😋

Brunch 😋 Chorizo platter, French fries and Mint hot chocolate! Cousin had an omelette and a citrus juice 👌 (at Argo on the Square)

Went to go pick some lovely and fresh strawberries 🍓 (at Beerenberg Farm)

Yes! Been waiting for ages for the city burgertheory joint to open! 😁 (at Burger Theory)

Day off today! Having a lazy fat day so I got me some lovely cupcakes 😁😋 (at BTS Cafe)

House made muesli with Greek yoghurt, honey, and milk 😋 sister had a breakfast burger with a side of shoestring fries 😁 (at Ginger’s Coffee Studio)

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Iced Coffee.

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